I was born in Los Angeles where I live now, and my last year of college was at CSU Humboldt, in 1973, where I took almost all art classes. I studied photography and felt I had found my medium that recorded in the process of mixing images, new images unique to experimentation and process that seemed to link the undercurrent sensibility and visual expression of the image. I considered myself self-taught and I worked on my own, combining pictures and creating images unique to my individual sensibility, but took classes and was inspired by the work of teachers like Edmund Teske, a creative photographer whose collection of work is now at the Getty Museum.

Times changed and I moved into the great outdoors of the Santa Monica Mountains doing plein air watercolors. The French Impressionists were an inspiration, painting the colors they saw in the same scenes at different times of day in different light. Painting in the "open air" the rhythms and colors of land flow and light changes of the sea or landscape, I focus what I feel about how it is where I am. I painted in workshops with Don Blaisdell in Santa Monica Mountain sites for seven years and later taught my own classes. My art journey has been an exploration of those who came before and with me on the same path. It has been an enriching experience seeing the work, techniques, and learning the lives and experiences of these artists.

My inspiration has always been in what is around me in the shape, form, and colors of nature, and the random markings of the world. I paint oils loose like watercolors, spontaneously splattering, dripping, and mixing different mediums, and while always composing the space, I try not to impose too much thinking in the action of painting. I scratch and drip and rub to uncover and cover color over color. Materials are the tools of my expression and elements integrate in a structural balance creating a statement of color and form. I translate the visual ideas in my head to whatever they become on canvas. I am not in control of the end result as one color bleeds into another creating a new color and design I hadn't anticipated or thought out. I have always as an artist followed my own self sense of creativity as a natural, inner sense that grows with creative exposure.

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